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D. M. Gremlin, musician, photographer, and founder of D. M. Gremlin Productions, tragically passed away in July, 2007. His legacy lives on, carried out by people who knew and loved him and some who never met him but believe in his work. In honor of Gremlin, this page stands as he left it; his own artistic and autobiographical statement.

"I like taking pictures of things that interest me."

I feel that if a piece of artwork, photography or otherwise, was meant to communicate something - and requires extensive explanation to achive that communication, that piece of artwork is inadequate in its design. That being said, not everything in life needs a purpose beyond just being.

Therefore I will offer no explanations, excuses, distracting pretentious adjectives, or further statement regarding my methods or motivations - and leave it up to the individual viewer to judge, be moved, offended, or indifferent.


The personal details of my life are irrelevant. I am a messenger. I was never born, and I will never die. You can believe that I am as old as I look, or you can wonder about my 'reality', but your curiosity offends me. I have no formal training in anything, and I believe most schools and colleges nowadays are a waste of time and money.

On a technical level, I use whatever I have to create whatever I can. Currently I own a Canon 35mm camera, a Canon G7 digital camera, a Mamiya RZ67 and a Holga, though I've used other cameras for some of my shots.