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Photography Studio Rental: "Studio B"

D. M. Gremlin's "Studio B" photography studio is a private, air-conditioned/heated shooting room with its own entrance and restroom.

** Available by reservation, 7 days a week, for hourly and half/full-day rental bookings to groups of up to 15 people.

** Rental rates from $18-$25/hr, depending upon group size and reservation length. See our full rate chart.

** Photography classes are also available for all skill levels, from "Introduction to Studio Photo Shooting" to advanced lighting styles.

Please note: in the interests of maintaining our low rates, we are unable to offer free studio tours. Thank you!

Studio B is outfitted with a broad range of lighting gear, furnishings, and amenities befitting both artistic and commercial photo shoots. The versatile shooting space is 15' x 29' with a full 10' ceiling, rigged with anchor points for hanging props and set pieces. Studio B is equipped with four Alienbees B1600/B800 strobes and a variety of light modifiers. Rental also includes the use of black, white, and/or red cloth photo backdrops, several wall backdrops, makeup station with mirror and vanity lights, and rolling garment rack. Room furnishings include ornamental daybed boudoir/glamour set, gold brocade couch, and red velveteen settee. The studio is equipped with a sound system for CD/mp3 player hookup (bring your own music/player), and a mini-fridge and microwave for cold drinks and hot snacks (you supply the food and drinks).

Included with rental of Studio B are four strobe lights with modifiers, 1 set of wireless triggers, cloth backdrops, wall backdrops, furniture, makeup area, garment rack, sound system, microwave and mini-fridge, air conditioning/heating, private restroom, and limited access to gated parking. A detailed list of Studio B's equipment and amenities can be found here. Please use the menu tabs at the top of the page for more detailed information about rates, reservations, and studio terms and policies.

Studio B Room Photos ~ click each photo to enlarge into the box above:

Studio B: Primary Shooting Set Studio B: Work Area~Styling Area~Kitchen Amenities Industrial Wall Background Wood Paneling Wall Background Starfield Mural Wall Background Daybed Boudoir Set on Purple Wall Background Gold Brocade Couch on Red Wall Background

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