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Upcoming Dates

Date TBA: Studio Open House Night (6pm-9pm; no charge)
** Studio tours, networking, open shooting, and good company!
** RSVP's due by email with full name/artistic affiliation of each guest by 48 hours in advance.
** Please see our Open House RSVP Policy for additional RSVP information.

Ongoing Sessions: Introduction to Studio Photo Shooting classes (private sessions; $60)
** The 2-hour session will provide a hands-on introduction to the basics of studio strobe lights, wireless sync, and camera functions that apply to shooting in the studio. Limited to 4 participants.
** Please email the studio or call 866-334-4364 (voice only; no text) for information or registration.

Date TBA: Studio Photography Lighting Practice Session (6:30-9:30pm; $60)
** Hands-on practice time, for less-experience studio photographers to gain comfort and facility with lighting and shootng.
** Model provided; instructor present for questions and guidance. Limited to 4 participants.
** Please email the studio or call 866-334-4364 (voice only; no text) for information or registration.

Studio Events

D. M. Gremlin Studios was created to foster an artistic community. In keeping with the legacy of studio founder, the late D. M. Gremlin, our mission is:

** To offer affordable and well-equipped facilities where musicians, photographers, models, and other artists can bring their inspirations to life;
** To become a gathering place where artists can meet fellow creators and share knowledge in both similar and differing media;
** To encourage and help make possible for every artistic vision to expand beyond its ever-imagined potential.

To these ends, we organize and host a variety of community and educational events. We are proud to host a monthly Studio Open House event, and a wide range of studio photography workshops from entry level through advanced lighting techniques. Instructors include studio owner Wendy Levin, along with world-class guest artists including master photographer Adam Chilson and internationally-renowned bodypainter and makeup artist Lisa Berczel of Battledress Paint-n-Body.

Anyone who would like to be included in our 1-2x monthly emailed announcements of studio news and events, please feel free to contact us at studio@dm-gremlin.com. All emails are written and sent personally, email addresses are never shared or sold, and anyone who no longer wishes to receive our announcements will be removed from our list immediately upon request.

Studio events are also announced and discussed on an ongoing basis on our forums. Feel free to browse and/or register for the forums for event announcements, photos, and videos from our happenings!

Additional Event Information

Studio Open House Nights

For over five years running, D. M. Gremlin Studios has set aside one evening a month to host this free photography, music, and arts community event.

For those who wish to visit/tour the studio in person prior to booking, this event provides the opportunity for tours of our recording and photography studio facilities. Open House allows those interested in D. M. Gremlin Studios to view the facilities not just as a collection of rooms and equipment, but as a living creative space with its potentials being demonstrated in action.

Each month's event is unique, built upon the collaborative creative energies of those who attend. Every Open House will include studio tours, open photo shooting, industry networking, portfolio sharing, and social time in a relaxed, professional studio environment. And additionally, we'll sometimes plan and announce featured themes or activities, which have in the past included art exhibitions, bbq's, photography workshops, bodypainting demonstrations, and live music performances.

There is no admission charge to attend the Open House events. Friends and clients are encouraged to stop by. Anyone interested in the studio who has never been here before is respectfully required to RSVP at least 48 hours in advance of the event .

Studio Open House scheduling and information can be found at the Open House web page.

Photography Classes and Workshops

D. M. Gremlin Studios Photography Workshops

D. M. Gremlin Studios owner Wendy Levin is a published fine art photographer best known for studies in bodyscape, abstraction of form, and dramatic use of shadow and light. Her regular class offerings include monthly sessions presenting the basics of studio photography, as well as more intensive artistic lighting workshops held at periodic intervals. Wendy is also available for private instructional sessions, and may be booked for lighting assistance and instruction in conjunction with studio rental reservations.

Wendy's photography portfolios may be viewed at the Stark Raven Photography Gallery web site, or her Model Mayhem profile and portfolio. Please contact D. M. Gremlin Studios directly, either by phone (866-334-4364 - voice only; no text), or by email, for any inquiries regarding Wendy's photography instruction/workshops.

Adam Chilson Photography Workshops

Adam Chilson is a master photographer with an unparalleled vision. He creates stunning imagery that pushes the limits of the flesh and the imagination, all with minimal post-processing, and zero use of computer-generated graphics or digital compositing. Adam's workshops run the gamut from the fundamentals of photographic lighting, to advanced explorations of set craft and lighting for highly specialized stylistic themes. He may also be booked for private instructional sessions.

Adam's workshop schedule includes events held at D. M. Gremlin Studios and other venues. His, class itineraries, event dates, and registration information are listed on the Adam Chilson Photography web site. For all inquiries regarding Adam Chilson Photography Workshop events, please refer to the contact information located on the Adam Chilson Photography web site.

Images photographed at previous Adam Chilson Photography Workshops sessions hosted by D. M. Gremlin Studios:

above images copyright D. M. Gremlin Studios (left half); Adam Chilson Photography (right half); all rights reserved