D. M. Gremlin Studios Recordings

Jelly of the Month Club (members of Sublime, ZenRobbi, The Ziggens)
taking a break for a photo shoot during their 2011 drum tracking sessions

Randy Bradbury of Pennywise
Recording with Glue Factory

Johnette Napolitano of Concrete Blonde
w/ The Deviettes - Carol Phillips, Blare N. Bitch
Recording with Mick Farren & The Deviants

Ric Parnell - drummer of Spinal Tap
Lounging in the lounge

Recording/Mixing/Production Clients:

Dinosaur Killer - River Jetty The Natives - The Natives Promise to Nowhere - Sleeping with Angels Idea of a Girl - Travis Peery Obvious as Ever - Part One Tribe 84 Day Syndrome & Glue Factory - Antonio Villaraigosa Golden Expressway Far From Frequency - Who is Who
Transpacific - Live@Subs/Glue Factory Hand Tighten Only - Double Stamp Hot Onions - Nate Light Unsteady State of Change - Merge Factory A Step Above No One - Killjoy Closer Than Close - International Farmers Going for Broke - Chapter 11
Whiskey & Walnuts - Native June All My Exes Cash My Checkses - The Deadbeat Dads Tulla's Headspace - Laurie Alberts After School Special - 3rd Alley Nixon Days - Girldown The Hard Goodbye - The Hard Goodbye Family Moments - Alan Brenner
Dr. Crow - The Deviants

Mastering Clients:

Blaak Heat Shujaa - Blaak Heat Shujaa Salmon Run - The Kodiacs Tribulation - Maryland Prefecture The Duchess, Donna, Diva - Lady Smoov Modelo Wishes, Frijole Dreams - Chi Garcia The Super Fidelity Lethal Zone - Busface Dark Tooth Encounter - Soft Monster
The Robot's Guide to Freedom - Ten East Big Party 2 - Various Artists Work Sucks - Work Sucks The Epic Trilogy - Gone Bent Edge - Greg Ginn and the Taylor Texas Corrugators Under the Willow Tree - Mojack Operation American Freedom - Trapbyall
Empire-G - Empire-G The Last Stand - Buzzbomb Introducing Ms. Tracey Lee - Ms. Tracey Lee Fall Sampler 2006 - Long Beach Records/Martian Church Building Blocks - Triple Helix

Client List

3rd Alley

Alan Brenner

All is Vanity

Andy J. Fredes

Anna Stafford

Beat Mechanix

Blaak Heat Shujaa


Bonafied Ryder



Chapter 11

Cheryl Lake

Chi Garcia

Concrete Blonde

Corn Doggy Dog

Dark Tooth Encounter

Dave Maciel

David Hunt

Deb Irene

DENSO Corporation

Double Stamp


Eve's Downfall

Episode 77

Fist Monkey


Gary Griffits

Glue Factory


Grex Airbrush

Hilary Bell (Rosie & Andy)


International Farmers

JD Hoang

Jelly of the Month Club
(members of Sublime)


Keenan B. Anthony


Lady Smoov

Lana B

Laurie Alberts

Leslie Almer

Lex Cadaver

Linda Sem


Long Beach Records

Lora Kierra

Lori Florentine

Lost and Found

Marc Zollinger

Maryland Prefecture

Merge Factory

Mick Farren & The Deviants

Mobius Chair

Ms. Tracey Lee

Nan C

Nate Light

Native June

Nima Collective

Part One Tribe

PianoMan Joe Harrington

Randy Bradbury (Pennywise)

River Jetty

Rosetta Tate

Ross Raiden

Screeching Weasels

Skyy Grant

Sleeping with Angels

So Cal Pro Models

Soup Pha

SST Records

Stone Beatz


Summer Babies Comedy (Bad Juju Podcast)

Ten East

The Deadbeat Dads

The Deans

The Hard Goodbye

The Kodiacs

The Midnight Phantoms

The Natives

The Void

The Pivot Foots

Tony Naranjo


Travis Peery


Triple Helix



Will Van Wig

Xavier Moreno

Who is Who

Work Sucks


Zero Brigade

Zero Period


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