Full song production is available for singer / songwriters and bands. When you place us in the role of producer, you harness our years of experience and full range of knowledge, expertise and musicality, all put to work toward developing your song or album. From minimalist acoustic treatments to large ensemble arrangements, in the capacity of music producer, we oversee every aspect of the creation of complete, polished recordings for our artists.

Production work includes building the musical composition and arrangement, then tracking, mixing, and mastering the final recording. Walk in with your song or idea at any stage: hum a melody, strum some chords, or bring a demo recording (no matter how rough!), and we'll take your music from a work-in-progress to the finished product.

We produce recordings centering around acoustic and electric instruments, as well as synth/loop/electronic-based recordings and hip-hop beats. Where appropriate, we contract with professional session players such as drummers, horn players, and string sections, to bring their performances to your music.

Pricing for production work varies and will be quoted individually for every song or project.
** Acoustic-based "songwriter" arrangements start at $500/song. Solo guitar or piano accompaniment with single lead vocal; light textural and percussion accents.
** Full band arrangements start at $1000/song. Drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, lead and background vocals.
** Large ensemble arrangements start at $1500/song, adding horn sections, string sections, percussion ensembles, and orchestral instrumentation.

The above descriptions are provided as reference points, with every song treated as unique in its inception and development, and rates quoted in accordance with the needs and complexity of the specific project.

All production projects begin with a pre-production meeting, at a fee of $50.
The pre-production meeting is a one-hour consultation in the studio, comprising a discussion of project needs and goals, "road map" of project stages from start to finish, and price quote for the project. At the conclusion of the pre-production meeting, if a deposit is left toward the first stage of project work, then the $50 pre-production meeting charge is applied toward the total cost of the project.

Booking Information for Pre-Production Sessions:

Requesting a first-time pre-production session booking follows the same process as a first-time recording session request, so you'll need to send the same information described here. Studio terms and policies are listed here. You'll need to provide your information and make your request at least 5-7 business days in advance, and the $50 payment will need to be completed by appointment or by mail at least 48 hours in advance to confirm.

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