Our basic rate for PMCD mastering is $50/hour. This rate applies to finished mixes brought in for mastering-only services. Multi-stage PMCD mastering is available for projects ranging from full albums, to EP's, demos, or single songs.

Mastering of a single song is $50.00, while 2-to-3-song projects generally range from $75.00-$100.00. The basic hourly rate applies to projects ranging from 4 songs up to full-length albums. Rates include the mastering session, PMCD master and reference copy with cue logs, and one revision/reburn if necessary.

Artists are welcome and encouraged to sit in and participate in their mastering sessions, contributing their input to the final sound of their recording.

We also offer listening sessions prior to mastering, during which we listen to mixes near completion, and make any suggestions that will allow the highest degree of balance and clarity to be brought out during mastering.

Each master is burned at slow speed to an archival gold CD. The master is then run through a series of Q-checks to ensure that it meets the PMCD standard for glass-master duplication, which also ensures error-free short-run duplication. A reference copy is also provided for listening and making personal copies.

After the mastering session, the reference copy should be listened to in a variety of listening environments. At this time, if slight adjustments are needed, we will provide one revision/re-burn of the PMCD master and reference copy, at no additional charge.

Mastering sessions for full-length albums generally span an 8-10 hour day. Each project is unique and has slightly different needs, so please contact the studio to discuss the details of your project. We can give you a close estimate as to how much time to book for your mastering session, and the cost of mastering your project.

For more detailed information about the mastering process, please visit www.starkravenmusic.com. (This site will open in a separate window.)

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